The foundation of my practice is based on a Holistic approach to the person. Nothing is separate or independent in our body, so I would like to treat the whole person, not just the symptoms that a patient may be having. So, my point of view is based on the concept of the "Triad of Health", where Wellbeing means a balance.

The Triad is shown as an equilateral triangle:

First side is Structural: Spinal alignment and muscle balance;
Second side is Nutritional: Biochemical balance;
Third side is Emotional: Psychological Health.

Disbalance on one side can often cause effects on the other two sides as they are all connected.

The nervous system is designed to adapt to stress, and it will pass the stress from one area of the body to the next in an effort to adapt. Until it cannot adapt any longer, or reaches a weak link in the body.

Since the body may adapt for years, the cause of the problem can be far removed from the effect.  For example: foot problems can cause neck problems, scar tissues can cause problems literally anywhere in the body, etc....

We can win the disease, pain, symptoms if we will open our mind and heart.
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I graduated Medical College as a Physician Assistant in 1987 ( Riga, Latvia). Later I specialised in Physical therapy, I am trained in the use of: Laser, Ultrasound, Magnetotherapy, TENS, D'arsonval (High Frequency Electrotherapy). In 2005 I gained a Professional Bachelor Degree in Health Care, Physiotherapist (Daugavpils, Latvia). I continued to study at Moscow University for Applied Kinesiology. In 2017, I graduated from North East Scotland College (Aberdeen campus) in Complementary Therapies.


Physiotherapy, Kinesio Taping, McLoughlin Scar Tissue Release - MSTR®, Cupping Therapy, Massage, Hot-Cold Stones Therapy, Reflexotherapy, Aromatherapy, Reiki, Tibetan Acu – Sound Therapy

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