I graduated Medical College as a Physician Assistant in 1987 (Riga, Latvia).

Later I specialised in Physical therapy, I am trained in the use of: Laser, Ultrasound, Magnetotherapy, TENS, D'arsonval (High Frequency Electrotherapy). 

In 2005 I gained a Professional Bachelor Degree in Health Care, Physiotherapist (Daugavpils, Latvia).

In 2017, I graduated from North East Scotland College (Aberdeen campus) in Complementary Therapies. 

I am member of CSP, FHT and registered in HCPC.


I have completed further training in:

Therapeutic, Taktil, Baby, Pregnancy, Face, Indian Head, Acupoint massage
Hot-Cold Stones, Reflexotherapy, Aroma Therapy
Post-Isometric Muscle’s Relaxation Techniques (PIR),
Myofascial release techniques
Soft Tissue Release techniques
Trigger Point Release techniques,
Reiki, Cupping, Gua-Sha therapy
Schroth 3DTreatment for Scoliosis
Kinesio Taping

I continue to learn new skills through CPD training courses.


2014 - 2017: North East Scotland College
2012. – 2012: Asklepios Katharina – Schroth - Klinik Bad Sobernheim
2011. – 2012: Center of Non-traditional medicine "The School of Light Reiki"
2000.- 2005: University of Daugavpils, Latvia. Professional bachelor’s degree in health care, Physiotherapist.
1984. – 1987: Medical College Nr2 of Riga, Latvia, Physician assistant. Diploma grade: with excellence
1972. – 1984: Secondary school Nr 58 of Riga

I have completed further training in:

2019 – Maternity reflexology
2019 – The Red flags recognition training
2019 – Reflexology workshop to Pain in cancer survivors
2019 – McLoughlin Scar Tissue Release (MSTR)
2019 – Visual reflexology workshop
2018 – Crystal Reflexology
2018 – Facial reflexology
2018 – Reflexology in hospice settings
2018 – Foot reading practitioner
2017- Kinesio Taping Course - KT3/4
2016 - Kinesio Taping Course – KT1/2
2016 - Complementary Therapy level 3
2015 - Tibetan Acu - Sound Therapy
2014 - Hopi Ears Candles Therapy
2012 - Reiki therapy 2 grade
2012 - Certificate - SST-Schroth 3dimensional Scoliosis therapy
2011 - Reiki therapy 1 grade
2011 - Certificate - Pregnancy massage
2011 - Certificate - Face cosmetic massage
2010 - Physician assistant professional activities renewal
2008 - Recertification - Massage
2008 - Qualification courses - Massage
2008 - Training seminar – Sensomotor system activation after V. Janda
2008 - Notice - TCM Scraping therapy (Gua Sha)
2008 - Certificate - Cupping therapy
2008 - Training course, first aid and restoring vital signs
2007- Certificate - Muscle contractions on neurophysiologic bases
2006 - Certificate - Age aspect of pain.
2006 - Certificate - Pain-care laws, regulations and ethical aspects. Headache. Psychotherapy approach to pain care
2006 - Certificate - Pain psychosocial aspects. Back and myofascial pain.
2006 - Certificate - Laser medicine
2006 - Notice - Basics of point massage
2006 - Certificate - Manual lymphatic drainage
2005 - Certificate - Manual therapy application at physiotherapist work
2005 - Certificate - Pain clinical anatomy, physiology. Acute pain. Musculoskeletal pain
2005 - Certificate - Pain investigation and evaluation. Age and pain sufferers.
2005 - Training workshop - manual medicine soft tissue techniques
2005 - Training workshop - manual medicine soft tissue techniques and therapeutic exercises for syndrome of a.Vertebralis
2004 - Qualification courses - Physical therapy
2004 - Certificate - The Saunders group - specific treatment for spine problems
2004 - Certificate - Rehabilitation in the patient's social environment
2003 - Certificate – Children’s massage
2003 - Re-certification - Physician assistant
2003 - Certificate - Massage
2003 - Notice - Pain remissive and functional electro stimulation
2002 - Certificate - Physical therapy
2001 - Certificate - Primary health care in Physician assistant practice
1998 - Certificate - Physician assistant in ambulatory service
1994 - Notice - Physical Medicine Nurse

What you can expect from Holistic Physiotherapy?


Please, come about 10 minutes early for your first appointment so that you can fill in questionary form and sign a consent form.

During the first session I will:

Ask you for the details of your symptoms
Observe your posture,
Joints range of movement,
Muscles power and length.

Please bring a list of any prescribed medication you are taking, copies of any x-ray/scan reports and doctors letters (if you have).

Together with you, I will formulate a treatment plan.

Remember you always can feel absolutly free and decline any part or the whole of the treatment that I have offered.

Usually,  you may need to remove some clothing to allow me to examine and observe your affected part of body, examine your posture and range of movement. So,  please attend the appointment wearing suitable clothing. I recomend you  wearing well-fitting underwear or bring a pair of shorts, sports bra (for ladies) or two piece swim suit.

If the appointment is for a child under 16: a parent or guardian must accompany them.

Treatment could contain:

Education and advice – I will give general advice about things that can affect your daily lives: posture, correct lifting techniques, proper everyday movement.
Tailored exercises helps to improve your general health and mobility, and to strengthen specific parts of your body, so I will prepare for you appropriate plan of exercises.
Manual therapy – I will use my hands to help relieve pain, stiffness, and improve movement of the body
Emotional balance with Dr Edward Bach Flower therapy, Reiki, Aromatherapy or Reflexology. It helps easier to reach your treatment goals.

Ready to find out more?