Full set of information, related by COVID-19, for Holistic Physiotherapy clinic visitors.

I understand your concerns due this terrible and dangerous COVID -19, so I have outdone ourselves in preparing our business for you!

The safety of my customers and me is essential to us, so I have made and followed a really strong rules:


Here’s a nice and small video to explain how I am preparing for COVID-19 safe environment



1. Holistic Physiotherapy clinic’s disinfection checklist. 

I am going to  clean and disinfect all these areas, after that –  fill out this checklist, before each client. You could easy to see it, because         this checklist is  placed on the wall and you can make sure that treatment room and staff is ready for you.


2. I am going to prepare for you informative letter, that count information related before treatment self- health check. 

When you have made an appointment, I will send you this letter via email.


3. Before treatment I am going to ask you fill out this COVID – 19 related questionnaire:   



4. I have made a COVID-19 related aftercare protocol:

This protocol is important to find out and cut down any possibilities to spread this infections via our community.


5. I have re-trained myself on essential infection control, safe practice, disinfection and hygiene new standards related         by COVID-19:

Of course, I will continue to follow new advice, laws and rules from our Government and World Health Organisation.











6. I have made a folder, especially for you, with various info about COVID-19.

We can discuss about any questions that will be interesting for you, just ask me. Here you can see some examples:





I have more different and easy to understand advice and useful information. Upon your request, I will present these materials and be happy to discuss about any question that will be interesting and important for you. 


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  1. Chris Carden on May 18, 2020 at 5:34 am

    Excellent information and preparation.
    I work at ARI for the NHS, so I see daily what protocols we are putting in place and changes we are making. You are spot with what you have identified.

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