Bach Flower Therapy

Everything on the planet vibrates, including plants and flower. Bach Flower Remedies are powerful yet gentle healing tools that can help resolve emotional imbalances.

Dr. E.Bach, who lived 1886 – 1936, was the founder of Bach Flower Remedies. He was a medical doctor, bacteriologist, homeopath.

Bach developed a unique method of transferring this healing energy from trees and flowers to water. He discovered 38 individual flower remedies and each of them was aimed at a specific mental state or emotion.

This therapy is based on the concept that all life maintains its health and wellness by a universal never-ending  energy source. Negative thoughts and destructive emotions create blockages of this flow of energy that leads to emotional and physical imbalances, behind all disease lay our fears, anxieties, greed, likes and dislikes. Healing those emotions thus heals the disease.

When you take essences drops, your vibration raises, negative states fall away and shift more positive ones.

Flower therapy can help you heal and transform your mind, body and spirit. They can act as a powerful catalyst towards greater healing in the physical body, bringing balance and harmony to our emotional and mental state.